Narasimha Ashtakam

Lord Narasimha

Lord Narasimha

Sri Narasimha Ashtakam was written by the great Madhwa Saint Sri Vijayendra Tirtha. Lord Narasimha killed the demon Hiranyakashipu and saved his son Prahalada, and also maintained peace and prosperity in the entire universe.

The contents present in the Narasimha Ashtakam are as follows:

Oh Narasimha, you have easily killed the powerful demon Hiranyaksha, without any difficulty
and you are the consort of Ma Lakshmi,

Please show mercy on me, and relieve me from the chain of birth cycles.

Oh! My Lord Narasimha, similar to the forest fire you are burning all the sins of the sinners,
and you are satisfying all their reasonable needs, Please make me to dwell at your feet permanently.

Oh Narasimha, you lives in the holy Vaikunta, and you are taking rest in the Adisesha. You had tear the demon into pieces, and removed the blood from his body,

Similar to that, please tear the badness from our minds, and make us into pure and pious.

Oh Narasimha, several sages are worshipping you, in order to get a shelter at your place, similar to that, I am also surrendering myself at your lotus feet, please grant me salvation after my death.

Oh Narasimha, you looks very beautiful when you appear along with Ma Lakshmi,
and your divine vehicle Lord Garuda acts as an obedient servant, and he is always ready to respond to your commands.

Oh Narasimha, Oh Narasimha, Your divine body, contains beautiful dresses and you wears golden ornaments on your body, and contains the divine weapons like Chakra and mace.

Oh Narasimha, Oh Narasimha, you are the god of the gods and the Lord of the Lords, you are worshipped by Lord Brahma and Indra, and you have given your sincere blessings to them.

Oh Narasimha, similar to Hiranyakashipu, you have killed the demons like Madhu and Mura,
please fulfil my reasonable desires and do not avoid me, and make me as you sincere devotee, similar to your beloved devotee Prahalada.

Whoever recites this stotra with selfless devotion would be considered as the best devotee of Lord Narasimha and Prahalada, and through their grace, their life would prosper.


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