Nalayani | Rishi Maudgalya’s Wife

Nalayani was the consort of Rishi Maudgalya, and she was considered as a holy, pious and a chaste woman. Once, her husband Maudgalya wanted to test her, and through his spiritual powers, he had become a leper. Even after that, Nalayani served him honestly and used to eat the remaining food of her husband. Even when he scolds her, she remained calm, and didn’t lose her patience.

Once while she was taking Maudgalya in a basket and lifting it on the top of her head, suddenly, without noticing a sage, she knocked him, who was passing by that side. The sage got angry with her, and cursed her that her husband would die in the next day evening. Nalayani got very upset and prayed to the divine gods in the heaven that the sun should not shine in the next day morning. Due to her chastity and holiness, the sun didn’t arise in the next day morning. Then after knowing about the incidents from the mouth of Nalayani, Lord Indra Bhagavan had granted a long life for her husband Maudgalya, and due to that, Nalayani was very much satisfied, and allowed the Sun to set rise. Maudgalya after living with Nalayani for many years had went to the forest, performed meditation and attained salvation.

After that, Nalayani performed severe penance on Lord Shiva, and she asked him to grant a good husband in the next birth, and unknowingly she had asked it for five times to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva smiled and granted the boon. As a result Nalayani took birth as Draupadi and married the five Pandava brothers.

After the end of her life, Draupadi had become a goddess, and still she has lot of temples throughout India. In Chennai Arumbakkam, near CMBT, a small but powerful Panchali Amman Temple is situated. Lot of devotees from all parts of Chennai would visit this sacred temple especially during the Aadi month and they would offer Kuzh and Pongalas Prasad to the holy mother Panchali Amman, in order to get her divine blessings.


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