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Nagula Chavithi Mantram: Stotram, Slokam to chant on Nagula Chaviti

Nagula Chavithi Mantram: Stotram, Slokam to chant on Nagula Chaviti…

Nagula Chavithi is the most auspicious day to worship naga devatas. This festival is celebrated on the fourth day after Deepavali Amavasya i.e. on karthika Shudda Chavithi. Nagula Chavithi 2017 date is October 23.

During Nagula Chavithi festival, eight prominent serpent Gods are worshipped. This mantram or stotram gives an idea of all eight major serpent Gods.

Reciting or chanting this mantram everyday makes devotees free from ‘Sarpa bhayam (fear from snakes) and ‘Sarpa dosham.

Sarpapasarpa bhadranthe dooram gachcha mahavisha

Janamejaya yaganthe asthika vachanam smara

Ananthaya namasthubhyam sahasra shirasthe namaha

Namosthu padmanabhaya nagaanaam pathaye namaha

Anantho vasukim sheshah takshakah kaliyasthadah

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  1. BHavya says:

    This is best stortam and once again thanks for sharing with us.

  2. sujata says:

    Thank you very much for the stotram,thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Keerthi says:

    small sthrotrams for our daily pooja – telugu