Nagula Chavithi 2016

Nagula Chavithi, Naga Chaturthi, is one of the most celebrated Naga Pujas in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Nagula Chavithi falls on fourth day in Karthika Masam (the fourth day after Deepavali) in Telugu & Kannada calendars.

Nagula Chavithi vrata is also celebrated as Trilochana Gauri Vratham.

Chaturthi (Naga Chaturthi), Panchami (Naga Panchami) & Sashti (Naga Sashti) in Shukla Paksha of Karthika maasam are very auspicious for Naga Puja. Those who are suffering from any Nagadosha (Sarpadosha / Kalasarpadosha) can perform Naga Puja in order to pacify the effects of that dosham.

3 November 2016 – Nagula Chavithi

4 November 2016 – Naga Panchami

5 November 2016 – Naga Shashti

Another important festival dedicated to Naga devathas (Naga Panchami) falls in Shravana masam (August). Naga Puja is also known as Fani Gauri Vratham.

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