Naga Vrat

Naga Panchami

Naga Panchami

Naga Vrat falls in Kartik Maas. This is an auspicious austerity dedicated to Sarpadevata (Nagadevta). In 2020, Naga Vrata date is November 18.

This Vrata is observed on Shukla Paksha Chaturthi in Kartik Month as per all Hindu Calendars. Fasting is observed on this day. Nagadevtas are offered flowers and special naivedyams. Special pujas are also performed. And on Panchami day, Nagadevta is offered ghee, curds and honey.

On this day, Nagadosha Nivarana homa is also performed. the main merits of this vrata are to get wealth, health, prosperity and progeny.

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