Moola Nakshatram, Moola Birth Star Predictions

If you are born in Moola nakshtra or Moola Nakshatram(birth star constellation), you are categorized under the zodiac sign – ‘Sagittarius’ (Dhanu Rashi / Dhanussu rasi). Moola means the root in Sanskrit. The Symbol of Moola nakshatra is a bunch of roots tied together. It signifies that everything of basic nature, its movement limited and finite. Your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics.

Physical features:

You have a good and attractive physical appearance. Your bright eyes and sharp looks make others to see you again and again. In your family, you are the most attractive person.


You are a very generous and calm person. You lead a systematic life. You are very disciplined and hardworking in nature. You are the most resistent person i.e. you can stand against any adverse situation in your life. You have every potential to lead your life successfully.

You are the difficult person to judge, but you want to enjoy every moment in life without thinking about tomorrow. You are very easygoing person. You are the optimistic person.

Education and Profession:

As you like to lead a systematic life, sometimes, you are not capable of keeping the same principles. For yourself, you are least bothered about the principles. This significant character fits you perfectly for the profession of financial adviser.

It is noticed that, because of your multi-skilled ability, you will change your profession frequently. You are always in need of money. You may have some friends who earn income by doing illegal activities. It is advisable that to stay away from such friends.

Out of all the 27 nakshatras, natives of Moola nakshatra are the most honest people towards the employers. Hence, you are the best employee. You are good at finearts, writing, and social work. You are suggested to grab the opportunities to earn in foreign places bacause you may not have good time in your native place.

Careers Ideally Suited For You:

You may become a good financial adviser if you opt a career in financial sector. Ploitics, sales, navy, social work, religious preaching are the other suitable careers for you.

Family Life:

As you are self-made, you cannot get any benefit from your parents’ side. More or less, you enjoy your married life. You will have a life partner who is very generous and caring.

Health Problems:

It is noticed that, some of you may suffer from Arthritis, hip and other joint pains. Some types of digestive problems are also noticed.

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