Mercury in 6th House | Budha in Shathru Bhava

Mercury in 6th House, Budha in 6th House (Shathru Bhava) – what are the effects of Mercury in 6th house?

When Mercury is in 6th house, the kind words spoken by you will do good to others. When Venus is good and Mars, Moon is not malefic it will give excellent results. It will also form a royal combination with good Jupiter, Saturn and Sun. The items of Mercury will not be bad for the native.

When Sun, Saturn, Jupiter is in House No. 2 there will be increase in property and royalty. There will be no comfort from living objects of Moon but other items of Moon will be helpful. Business and other intellectual works will be beneficial for the native but skilled work, handicraft will yield moderate results. The daughter will remain unhappy if she is married in North.

Positive effects of Mercury in 6th house

The native will be a man of powerful words and whatever he says will be fulfilled. He will gain through voyage and be a self-made wealthy man. He will lead a comfortable life and be more prosperous if he remains contented.

The lawsuits will be settled in favour of the native. House No. 2 or Venus will affect the condition of Mercury and it will give the results of live planets.

Mercury in 6th house will follow another benefic planet especially in House No. 2. Other benefic planets will show double benefic results when Mercury is in 6th house.

When Mercury is alone, the articles of Moon will be beneficial.

When Saturn is in House No. 9 or 11, wife will be from a wealthy family. He will be a man of power and authority and wealth earned through honest means will be beneficial.

Negative effects of Mercury in 6th house

When Mercury is malefic the native will be greedy. Any daughter who is married towards north of ancestral house will not lead a comfortable life. A north facing house is considered highly inauspicious. Mother will face adverse circumstances or die during the 34th year of the native.

Mars in House No. 4 or 8 indicates the early death of mother and a troubled life. When Venus is in House No. 4 and Ketu is malefic child will be born after 34th year and earlier born child will die.

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