Matangi Namavali | Names of Goddess Matangi Mahavidya

Matangi Mahavidya

Matangi Mahavidya

Matangi Devi is one among the Mahavidyas, and contains the features of Parvati, the Holy Mother. She is also described as an aspect of Goddess Saraswati. Similar to Saraswati, she is the god for education, music, wisdom, courage and knowledge. By worshipping her we can acquire great powers, and can safeguard ourselves from enemies, reach the top position in our life, moving with others in a pleasing manner and obtain good knowledge in all the subjects.

Matangi is considered as the goddess of impurity and unhygienic. She is offered with the left-over food or spoiled food. Matangi appears with a green body.She plays the instrument veena and appeared with a parrot.

The mantra meant for her is very powerful to come out from the enemy related sufferings and also from tension, regular quarrels in the home as well as in the office, lack of peace, unsound mind and unsound body. It is advisable to recite the mantras with full of devotion and faith on her, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays, and to offer the remaining portion of the consumed food or also can offer fresh food to her. We can place a picture of her in our puja room and meditate her by chanting her names as well as reciting her slokas and to observe in deep devotion while doing puja to her.She wears red garments and red jewellery. She looks like a young lady, and carries weapons and the Veena instrument in her hands. She shows smile on her face and blesses us, and gives all sorts of prosperity to us.

Let us chant the 108 beautiful names of Ma Matangi, and let us be blessed.

1. Om matangiyainamah
2. Om bhadrakalyainamah
3. Om ramayainamah
4. Om bhavanyainamah
5. Om bhavapritidayainamah
6. Om bhutiyuktayainamah
7. Om bhavaradhitayainamah
8. Om bhutisampatkaryainamah
9. Om dhanadhisamatrenamah
10. Om dhanagaradrstyainamah
11. Om dhanesarcitayainamah
12. Om dhiravapivarangyainamah
13. Om prakrashtarupinyainamah
14. Om kamarustayainamah
15. Om mahakirtidayainamah
16. Om karnanalyainamah
17. Om karalibhagayainamah
18. Om bhagangyainamah
19. Om bhagahvayainamah
20. Om bhagapritidayainamah
21. Om bhimarupayainamah
22. Om bhavanyainamah
23. Om mahakausikyainamah
24. Om kosapurnayainamah
25. Om kisoripriyanandayainamah
26. Om mahakaranakaranayainamah
27. Om karmasilayainamah
28. Om kapaliprasiddhayainamah
29. Om mahasiddhakhandayainamah
30. Om makarapriyayainamah
31. Om manarupayainamah
32. Om mahesyainamah
33. Om sinilayangyainamah
34. Om samaksilayainamah
35. Om sapakarinyainamah
36. Om aksayapritidayainamah
37. Om bhutiyuktayainamah
38. Om bhavanyainamah
39. Om bhavaradhitayainamah
40. Om bhutisatyatmikayainamah
41. Om prabhodbhasitayainamah
42. Om bhanubhasvatkarayainamah
43. Om dharadhisamatrenamah
44. Om dharagaradrstyainamah
45. Om dharesarcitayainamah
46. Om dhivaradhivarangyainamah
47. Om prakrstaprabharupinyainamah
48. Om pranarupasvarupayainamah
49. Om svarupapriyayainamah
50. Om chakundaminyainamah
51. Om kantayuktayainamah
52. Om kapalachalayainamah
53. Om kalakoddharinyainamah
54. Om kadambapriyayainamah
55. Om kotarikotadehayainamah
56. Om kramayainamah
57. Om kirtidayainamah
58. Om karnarupayainamah
59. Om kaksmyainamah
60. Om ksamangyainamah
61. Om ksayapremarupayainamah
62. Om ksapayainamah
63. Om ksayaksayainamah
64. Om ksayahvayainamah
65. Om ksayaprantarayainamah
66. Om ksavatkaminyainamah
67. Om ksariniksirapurnayainamah
68. Om sivangyainamah
69. Om sakambharyainamah
70. Om mahasakayajnayainamah
71. Om phalaprasakayainamah
72. Om sakahvayainamah
73. Om sakahyayainamah
74. Om sakayainamah
75. Om sakaksantarosayainamah
76. Om surosayainamah
77. Om surekhayainamah
78. Om mahasapriyayainamah
79. Om jayantyainamah
80. Om jayayainamah
81. Om jagratirupayainamah
82. Om jayangayainamah
83. Om japadhyasamjnayainamah
84. Om jayapranarupayainamah
85. Om jayasvarnadehayainamah
86. Om jayajvaliniyaminyainamah
87. Om yamyarupayainamah
88. Om jaganmatrrupayainamah
89. Om jagadraksanayainamah
90. Om svadhavausadantayainamah
91. Om vilambavilambayainamah
92. Om sadangayainamah
93. Om mahalasihastayainamah
94. Om padahariniharinyainamah
95. Om harinyainamah
96. Om mahamangalayainamah
97. Om mangalakirtyainamah
98. Om nisumbhadayainamah
99. Om sumbhavahayainamah
100. Om anandavarupayainamah
101. Om chandamundachandayainamah
102. Om pracandapracandayainamah
103. Om mahacandavegayainamah
104. Om chalaccamarayainamah
105. Om chamaracandrakirtayenamah
106. Om chitrabhulangyainamah
107. Om susangitagitayainamah
108. Om Ashtaiswaryainamah


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