Maruts | Marutagana | Marutas

Marutas, also called as Maruts (Marutagana) are the powerful deities and they are the sons of Rishi Kashyapa and Diti. They contain golden weapons and used to travel in the sky with their powerful well-trained horses. They are considered as the gods of lighting, thunder and storm.

Marutas were made into pieces when they were in the womb of their mother Diti by Lord Indra. Since Lord Indra afraid that they would cause disturbance to him, he has done such a cruel act. But later he was pardoned by his step mother Ma Diti and by his father Kashyapa, and as per their request he made his half-brothers as his permanent attendants, and made them to stay at Swarga Loka.

Marutas are considered as very soft natured demigods, and they used to assist Lord Indra in a remarkable manner. Though they have been divided into several pieces by Indra, they didn’t show any enmity with him, and still they are working with him as humble servants.

They are praised in the Rig Veda,and their greatness is also mentioned. They appear similar to the demigods in the heaven, and contain golden coloured body, with a glittering face, and contain great strength and energy. They are considered as the divine servants of Lord Indra, and execute his orders immediately. They also receive their part of oblation from the yagna, sacrificial fire.

They help Lord Indra for showering the rain. They got great powers, and they could even break the clouds in order to produce heavy rain for the well-being of the humans. They are considered as the chief demigods, and we can worship them for getting good prospects in our lives.


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