Mars in 2nd house

When Mars is in 2nd house the native will be a religious person. He will be the eldest brother and if he cares for other people then his wealth will increase. The position of Rahu will give wealth. If he has a misunderstanding with his brother it will bring him misfortune.

When Mars is negative it will increase enmity resulting in downfall. He will not be childless and his family will grow and when there is no effect of enemy planet his life will be excellent.

Positive effects of Mars in 2nd house

When Mars is in 2nd house, as long as he supports his brothers he will remain prosperous, otherwise he will lead an ordinary life. Even though he will not have much wealth himself he will always support others.

When Mars is devoid of any effect of mercury or Ketu he will gain from in-laws. He will be a man of power and authority.

When House No. 8, 9, 10 or 12 is connected with effects of Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Mercury he will be self-made person and will accumulate wealth on his own and lead a comfortable life.

Negative effects of Mars in 2nd house

When Mars is in 2nd house his death will be due to some quarrel or in a Warfield.

When House No. 8, 9, 10, 12 are linked to the effects of Jupiter, Sun, Saturn or mercury and mercury is in House No. 2, the works connected with mercury will be adversely affected.

As a remedy the native should keep a solid silver with himself or wear the silver ring without joint in left-hand.

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