Mantras (Stotras) to chant during Narmada Pushkara Snana

Here are the mantras (stotras) to chant during Narmada Pushkara Snana and other Narmada Pushkaram vidhis. In 2012, Narmada Pushkarams begins on May 17 and ends on May 28. Though, there are separate snana vidhi and other rituals to perform on each day of Pushkarams, here we are giving you some general snana mantram and namaskara mantram..

Just after visiting Narmada Nadi (River Narmada) chant .. (Nadi Namaskara Mantram)

“Shivadehot samuthpanne sarva paapa pranashani narmada devi namastubhyam mahapaapam vyapohyayah”

Chant this mantra while performing Narmada Pushkara Snana

“Namodevi Mahagange mahapunya jalairyuthe snathumicchami deveshi praseeda parameshwaree”

After chanting this mantra, perform punya snana (holy dip) for three times. Then, do Achamanam and Sankalpam and repeat the holy dip for three more times.

Concluding the Pushkara snana, face the east direction and pray to Lord Surya Narayana, Goddess Narmada Devi, Lord Pushkara, Brihaspati, Ishtadevatas and Maharshis and offer Arghya to them.

Note: There is separate Puja vidhi for each day of Pushkarams.

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