Malayalam New Year 2012-2013 begins in Kerala: Kolla Varsham 1188 starts

Malayalam New Year 2012-2013 or Kolla Varsham 1188 starts on August 17, 2012 in Kerala. The traditional Malayalam calendar of Kerala follows the Solar calendar which marks the beginning of each month on Surya Sankramana. Chingam month 1 marks the starting of Malayalam New Year. This calendar consists of 12 months that are very much similar to Tamil calendar months.

Mesha Sankranthi or Vishu (first day in Medam month) is the astrological or zodiac New Year of Malayalam people. But the official New Year in Kerala is Chingam 1, the first day in Chinga masam (Simha Sankramana). Karkidaka Masam or Ramayana Masam marks the end of Malayalam Year or Kolla Varsham.

The year 2012-2013 is Kolla Varsham 1188 in Malayalam calendar. Onam is the biggest festival comes firstly in Kerala. Kolla varsham was begun in 825 AD. It is believed that this calendar system was introduced by Raja Udaya Martanda Varma.

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  1. Parmeet says:

    when is malayalam new year chingam or medam

  2. Kanha says:

    when does karkida masam get over in 2013

  3. Shripal says:

    when does chingam month for kerala start this year in 2013