Makara Lagna, Capricorn Ascendant (Makara Rising Sign)

Makara Lagna (Capricorn Ascendant) or Makara Rising sign is the tenth Lagna in 12 Lagnas of Hindu Astrology. Here, we discuss physical characteristics, mental characteristics and behavior of Makara Lagna natives..

Physical characteristics

The natives of Makara Lagna are round-faced and weak. They grow slowly. Their body will not be muscular but slender. They have rough hair. There may be changes after the age of 16 years.

Mental characteristics

The natives of Capricorn Ascendant are economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful, selfish minded, greedy, think miserly, etc… They can think deeply.


The natives of Makara Lagna work hard. They procure good faith in the society; they will be honest, sincere and reliable. They never be idle.

With bad influences on Ascendant the natives will become lazy and pessimist to the extreme. They are conservative in nature. They do not care difficulties.

Makara Lagna natives complete their work to a successful conclusion. They work for their own benefits. Without benefit they never take up any work.

The natives of Makara Lagna cross their rules for their benefits. They can speak for hours together. They have good money power. They can catch even minute things, even secrets.

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