Mahasantapan Vrata

Mahasantapan Vrata is an austerity associated with Panchagavyas. Here is the detailed vrata vidhi or the procedure of observing Mahasantapan Vrata…

This particular austerity comprises of specific rituals related with the usage of ‘Panchagavya’ (a mixture of cow milk, curd, ghee, cow urine and cow dung).

On the first day of the austerity a devotee should have only milk, on the second day curd, on the third day ‘ghee’, on the fourth day ‘gomutra’ (cow urine), on the fifth day ‘gomaya’ (cow dung), on the sixth day he should live only on ‘kushodak’ (drinking water from a vessel in which ‘kusha’ grass have been kept) and on the last day of the austerity he should observe complete fast.

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