Mahadev Desai | Personal Assistant to Mahatma Gandhi Ji

Mahadev Desai (1892–1942) was an independence activist, writer,served as a personal secretary to Mahatma Gandhi, and he has been described as “Gandhi’s Right Hand”. He moved with Gandhi in a cordial manner, and went along with him to many places.

Mahadev Desai was born in the year 1892 in a village in Surat District of Gujarat to a holy Hindu family, and his mother was died during his young age. In the year 1905, Mahadev was married to a pious girl, and after finishing his education,he worked in a co-operative bank in Mumbai.

Desai joined in Gandhi’s Ashram in the year 1917 and he mentioned in his diary about his association with Gandhi.Gandhi treated Desai as his heir, and gave full freedom to meet and talk with him at any time.He served happily to Gandhi, and welcomed the guests in a pleasing manner at the place of Gandhi, and he moved with everyone in a kind manner.In the year 1921, Desai was sentenced to imprisonment for his writings based on India’s Independence. But he didn’t get upset, and continued his participation in the freedom fighters movement.

He served as an editor of Navajivan and began to publish the life history of Mahatma Gandhi, and he also served as the head of the Satyagraha Ashram. He moved with Sardar Patel in a friendly manner and also with other freedom fighters.He was arrested by the British government for several times, due to his participation in the freedom struggle.During his tenure in prison, he wrote Bhagavat Gita, and Mahadev Desai was an excellent writer, and wrote and published books in Gujarati, Bengali and English.

Desai died in the year 1942 due to heart attack, and his death caused a great sorrow to Mahatma Gandhi, and he himself expressed his loss as “I have lost one of my organs in my body”.


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