Mahachandika Homa at Horanadu Temple

Mahachandika Homa at Horanadu Temple is one of the two Homa sevas conducted at the temple. Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple is one of the prominent Annapurna Devi Temples in Karnataka.

Shri Mahachandika Homa

The bookings for this homa will be taken in personal at the temple office, phone or postal booking are not allowed. Once the booking is done the devotee will be informed about the homa date in 2 months advance, the devotee has to give the confirmation for the given date.

Cancellation of allotted date is allowed if the devotee is not able to perform the homa for the given date. 15 to 20 people are allowed with this pooja, 2 rooms will be provided for the devotee.

All the pooja materials for the homa will be provided by the temple authorities, the devotee has to bring flowers for the homa.

Donation Amount for Mahachandika Homa is – 15000-00.

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