Madana Purnima

Madana Purnima (Madana Pournami) is the Full Moon in Phalguna Masam (Falgun Month) as per Hindu calendar. In 2021, Madana Purnima date is March 28. It is mainly celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and some other South Indian places.

Kamadahanam is the main ritual observed on Madana Purnima. ‘Madana’ is another name of Kamadeva (God of Love in Hinduism). It commemorates the story of Kamadeva and Lord Shiva.

Puranas describe the tremendous sacrifice of Kamadeva for the sake of Lok Kalyanam (Universal peace and prosperity). He aimed an arrow of love on Lord Shiva, who was in a deep meditation without caring the worldly issues. Kamadeva shot the love arrow on Lord Shiva and brought him into the real world.

When Lord Shiva was disturbed during his meditation by Kamadeva Shiva opened his third eye and turned the Love God Kamadeva into ashes. But after recognizing the mistake, Lord Shiva has given him his own form.

To commemorate the eventful sacrifice of Kamadeva, people celebrate the ritual of Kamadahan (a holy bonfire). Kamadahan is done by setting up the holy bonfire with wood and some sacred dravyas. People take away the ash of the holy bonfire to their homes to invite prosperity and peace.

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