Worship Ma Kali in Kali Yuga



Kali worship can be found in ancient India, even before the start of this Kaliyuga. We have to sincerely worship Ma Kali in this Kali Yuga, in order to get rid from the clutches of the Kali Purusha. Ancient king Vikramaditya was a staunch devotee of Ma Kali Devi, and he has been granted few boons by her, on account of his sincere bhakti. The famous poet Kalidas was also considered to be a Kali Devotee, and after worshipping her, he got good knowledge, courage, bravery and will-power. He has familiarized in all kinds of arts, even without learning them. The 19th century Saint Sri Ramakrishna was a staunch devotee of Ma Kali, and he has even conversed with her for several times, and got the opportunity to hear the divine speech of Ma Kali Devi.

Ma Kali had destroyed the demons like Raktabija, and maintained peace all over the world. Similar to destroying the terrible demons, Ma Kali also would destroy our bad habits like ego, lust, anger, greed, laziness and enmity. Ma Kali is also worshipped by ancient tribal people, and they used to sacrifice animals and rarely, they also sacrificed humans to Ma Kali in order to please her.

But the holy mother Kali would never like to offer either animal or human sacrifice to her. We can offer food items consisting of red chillies and also we can offer sweet items with milk and honey as Holy Prasad to her. Ma Kali had dwelled in the Kaligambal Temple, Parrys, Chennai, in a gentle form. Kali Devi is a form of Ma Shakti Devi, who was formed in order kill dreaded demons. There are lot of Mantras written in praise of Ma Kali, and devotees can chant those Mantras, in order to attain prosperity in their lives.

Nowadays, due to the changes in science and technology, most of the youngsters are raising questions about our deities and about their existence. We are sitting in an A/C room, and enjoying our life with the help of lights and fans, which runs through electricity power. If anyone wants to see the electricity power through their eyes, is it possible to see?

Likewise, the powers of the god cannot be seen in a physical form through our naked eyes. It is possible to see the god directly, only if we keep constant bhakti on the almighty. Hence, instead of making unnecessary research works about the existence of the god, let us worship our divine mother, Ma Kali Devi, sincerely, faithfully and hopefully, and let us be blessed.


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