Lunar Eclipse in Hong Kong December 10, 2011 – Time of Chandra Grahan in Hong Kong

Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse in Hong Kong on December 10, 2011 will be a Total Lunar Eclipse (Purna Chandra Grahan) which may last for more than 50 minutes (Total). The eclipse will be visible all over Hong Kong if the weather is fine. Timings of Lunar Eclipse on December 10, 2011 in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Time):

Penumbral Eclipse begins at 7.32 PM

Partial Lunar Eclipse starts at 8.45 PM

Total Eclipse begins at 10.06 PM

Mid eclipse at 10.32 PM

Total eclipse ends at 10.58 PM

Partial lunar eclipse ends at 0.18 AM (next morning i.e. 11 December 2011)

Penumbral lunar eclipse ends at 01.32 AM (next morning)

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