Lord Sri Ram’s Life & Journey: in brief

Lord Rama

Lord Rama

Ram’s personal life and his journey is one of the best examples of perfect adherence to dharma even though he had to face many harsh tests of life plus his good and bad time. He depicted as the perfect human and the ideal man.

It is to be highly noted that for the sake of honour of his father, he abandons his personal claim to Kosala’s throne in order to be a King and served the exile of fourteen years in the forest on the instruction of his step mother.

As unable to live a single second without Ram, his wife Sita and his younger brother Lakshmana decided to join him. In exile together, the three spend the fourteen years in forest. Sita was successfully kidnapped by Ravana who is a Rakshasa (Asura) monarch of Lanka.

Ram and Lakshmana used their personal virtue and strength in their arduous and long search for Sita. He had to fight a war against the army of Ravana. All the magical beings and destructive weaponry was used in the battle. Finally Ram successfully slayed Ravana and liberated his wife. They returned to Ayodhya after completing his exile.

In Ayodhya (the capital of his kingdom), on his return, Ram was ceowned as King and later he become the Emperor. His kingdom had peace, happiness, juctice and prosperity. His ruling as king period was known as Ram Rajya. The ruling was regarded as the best rule by a human on earth. The Lord is regarded as the greatest Avatar of Vishnu.

Lord Rama

Lord Rama


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