Leela Vishwambhara | Dattatreya’s 6th Avatara

Dattatreya 6 no-watermark

Dattatreya 6 no-watermark

Leela Vishwambhara Avatara is sixth of Dattatreya’s 16 incarnations. This Avatara was first appeared on Poush Purnima, Wednesday in early morning.

The love for children and intense mercifulness of Shri Datta are observed in this Avatar. There was a great famine in the country. Animals could not get food and water. So they were reduced to boney skeletons. Thieves and dacoits looted the public. Rishi-munis could not perform their rites and sacrifices were stopped. Rishi-munis, Brahmins etc. surrendered to Shri Datta, who was lying in the laps of Anasuya and feeding on her breast.

Hearing the prayers of the people, Shri Datta appeared as Leela Vishwambhar before them and offered to them food, clothes and provisions and satisfied them all. This was achieved easily and hence he is known as ‘Leela Vishwambhar’.

One day Shri Datta addressed the devotees as follows, “This life is like a vast forest. Ahankar is like a big mountain surrounded by big trees, creepers and plants. Kama i.e. cupid is a fierce lion, krodha (anger) is an enraged serpent, vasana (desires) are great lakes. Those, who cannot swim in the water, get drowned.” Shri Datta then changed this scene. The devotees, therefore, asked, “Where is the fierce forest ?” Shri Datta replied smilingly, “It has immersed whence it was created. It comes into existence due to ignorance and when it is wiped off, it vanishes. Those, who remember me, get rid of the family miseries. All this physical world is destroyable and Atma, which is at the root, is only lasting.”

The devotees enquired, “How is the Atma ?” Shri Datta replied, “I am that Atma. I am known by good action and intense devotion.”

Leela Vishwambhara Dhyana Shloka

Poorna Brahma Swaroopaaya

Leelaa Vishwambharaayacha

Dattatreyaaya Devaaya

Namosthu Sarva Saakshine

Leela Vishwambhara Arghya Mantras

Poorna Brahma Swaroopaya Leela Viswambharaayacha, Dattatreya Devaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Kaayena yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Advaithaananda Roopaaya Vishwa Roopaya Sambhave, Annamayaa Devaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Vachasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Leelaa Vigraha Roopaaya Anasuyananda Naayacha, Samsaarashrama Naashaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Manasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

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