Lalita Panchami, Lalitha Panjami during Durga Navratri

Lalitha panchami, also spelt as Lalita Panjami, is the most auspicious day in Durga Navratri puja. Lalitha Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of Durga Navaratri. On this day, devotees worship Mata Lalitha Devi, a powerful manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti.

Goddess Lalita Devi is a form of Goddess Shakti incarnated to demolish the demon – Bhandasura. Bhandasura was a demon created from the ashes of Kama or Manmatha (Manmadha).

Importance and rituals of Lalita Panchami:

Lalita Panchami is the birthday or Jayanti of Goddess Lalitha. Lalita Panchami is observed on Ashwin Shukla Panchami, the fifth day during bright fortnight in Ashwayuja masam.

On Lalita Panchami, Goddess Upang Lalita is worshipped in some places of India. In South Indian states, Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari devi is worshipped on Lalitha Panchami. In some other places, Chinnamasta devi is worshipped on the fifth day during Durga Pooja.

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