Kurinji Andavar Temple, Kodaikanal

Kurinji Andavar Temple is situated in the coolest place, Kodaikanal, where chill weather prevails during all the seasons. Kodaikanal is a hilly region which is situated in Dindigul District in Tamil Nadu. This marvellous temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. The name Kurinji Andavar refers to Lord Muruga who dwells in the hilly region.

In the flower gardens situated in Kodaikanal, the rare Kurinji flower would be blossomed once in twelve years. From the top of this temple we can view the natural scenery and the Vaigai Dam. There are also lot of picnic spots in Kodaikanal, and apart from the people living in Kodaikanal, the newly wedded couples also would visit this temple during their honey moon trip to Kodaikanal.

The temple would be kept open on all the days in the week between 7.00 AM and 7.00 PM.
This temple is situated in a nice atmosphere, which is surrounded by mountains and trees, and rare bird species can also be found nearby this temple. The Kula Deva for most of the people living in this area is Kurinji Andavar. It is believed that some Shaivite saints have visited this temple, and sung in praise of Lord Murugan. We can also find beautiful peacocks in the surrounding area of the temple, and we can offer some food items to them like nuts, fruits and cooked rice also, along with vegetables.

Those who visit this temple after their marriage would be blessed by Lord Muruga and his consorts, and their married life would go on smoothly without any hindrances in their lives. While visiting this temple, we can sing Arunagirinathar songs from his famous poems like Thirupugazh, Kandar Alangaram and KandarAnubhuti.

There are lot of temples for Lord Muruga and people are worshipping in some Asian countries also. He is having large number of followers, and those who sincerely worship him would be relieved from all kinds of diseases and their lives would prosper.


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