Kolkata will enjoy lead-free Durga Puja in 2010

Kolkata and some other places of Wesnt Bengal will enjoy lead-free Durga Puja in 2010 as the Puja committee representatives promised that they will use lead-free paints and other eco-friendly material for Durga Puja. On 14 August 2010, the Durga Puja committee representatives of Kolkata and surrounding areas had a meeting and decided to use the above said material to protect the environment from puja-mark pollution.

The Puja committee representatives will also meet municipality chair persons of South Bengal on August 26th to discuss the issue further. In 2010, the number of Durga idols will increase substantially and all of them may lead-free and eco-friendly. It is to note that Durga Puja 2010 in Bengal starts on 13th October and ends on 17th October 2010.

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