Kodumur Kondalarayudi Temple in Kurnool – Venkateshwara temple where scorpions are offered as Naivedyam

You might have heard of the temples where Janthubali (animal sacrifices) are done, alcohol and liquor are offered as Naivedyam, and so on.. But this is an unbelievable tradition that scorpions are offered as Naivedyam to Lord Venkateshwara swamy.

In Kondalarayudi temple at Kodumur village of Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, devotees offer scorpions to Lord Venkateshwara for wellbeing and prosperity of their family members.

This is the special ritual observed on third Tuesday in Shravana masam. In 2014, this ritual is observed on August 12.

There is another temple in Chittoor district of the state where devotees eat prasadam (annam) by placing the meal on huge stones. They won’t use plates or leaves. This ritual is an offering to Lord Malleshwara swamy for good rains and fruitful harvest.

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