Kheer Bhavani Mela – Kheer Bhawani Fair dedicated to Ragnya Devi

Kheer Bhavani Mela or Ksheer Bhawani Mela is a fair celebrated at Kheer Bhavani temple near Tullamula, Srinagar district of Kashmir. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Ragnya Devi. Kheer Bhavani Mela is celebrated on Jesht Ashtami – Shukla Paksh Astami in Jesht month in Hindu lunar calendar followed in Kashmir. In 2017, Kheer Bhavani Mela date is June 2.

Ragnya Devi temple situated in the village Maheshaspora, Tullmulla, which is 25 Km north of Srinagar city, is popularly known as Kheer Bhavani temple because large number of devotees offer milk and kheer (sweet recipe) to the Goddess.

During Kheer Bhavani Mela, a large number of devotees visit the temple of Ragnya Devi to seek blessings of the goddess. Kashmiri Pandit community celebrates the festival with utmost devotion. Another important and auspicious festival on which Kheer Bhavani temple gains significance is – Shukla Paksh Ashtami (8th day in bright half of each Hindu month). Havans and Yagnas are the main rituals of the day. Read about the Navratri celebrations in Kheerbhavani Temple of Tulamulla.

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  1. Manthan says:

    i want to know date of celebration of ashtami at kheer bhawani 2013

  2. Ekaraj says:

    preperation of mata kheerbhawani mela on 17 06 2013 in jammu

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    holiday of mela kheer bawani in kashmiri also 17-06-2013