Ketu in 10th House | Ketu in House of Destiny

Ketu in 10th House, Ketu in House of Destiny (Karma Bhava) – Effects of Ketu in 10th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Ketu is in 10th house it will not cause loss of livelihood to the native. Even if he harms his brother, he will pardon. Ketu in the court of Saturn will become doubtful and malefic.

When Mars is along with Ketu, both will be affected. When Saturn is benefic, it can even turn soil into gold. And when Saturn is in bad house the effect will be reverse. Saturn will decide the fate of the native.

When Saturn is in 4th house it can cause the death of 3 sons. There will be no loss of wealth damage to progeny of the native.

As a remedy it is advisable to treat the Ketu as in House No. 8 to get the beneficial results. The native may be rich but he will indulge in evil activities.

Positive effects of Ketu in 10th house

The brother will pardon the native even if he is harmed and he too will prosper along with the native.

Saturn will decide the doubtful nature of Ketu and the native will have good wealth. The native will become very rich if his good nature. He will receive the beneficial effects of Jupiter which will make the native inefficient person in his works.

Negative effects of Ketu in 10th house

When Saturn is poor, items related to Ketu will be adversely affected till the age of 24, 48. When Saturn’s malefic or in bad house it can cause the loss of child. As a remedy it is advisable to keep some honey in a silver box and buried in an isolated place.

If Saturn’s malefic, both Ketu and Saturn will become malefic and destroy the family life. If there is financial loss, the natives should seek the help of Moon.

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