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Kaumari Puja: Koumari Pooja

Kaumari Puja or Koumari Pooja is a ritual or vrata dedicated to Goddess Kaumari, also spelt as Koumari Devi. In 2019, Kaumari Puja date is August 9. Kaumari Devi, also known as Kumari or Koumari Devi, is one of the Saptamatrikas (Seven Divine Mothers).

Goddess Kaumari Devi is referred as the Shakti of Skanda (Lord Kumara). Koumari Devi is also considered as Astamatrikas (Eight Divine Mothers). Kaumari is also known as Kartikeyani and Ambika.

Kaumari Devi embodies the lack of envy or, alternatively, delusion. Koumari sits on her vehicle, peacock. Kaumaris attributes are the arrow, ax, bell, book, bow, cockerel, lotus, spear, staff, and water jar. On the day of Kaumari Puja Goddess Chandi is also worshipped (Chandi Puja).

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