Katvanga | Story of King Katvanga

Several thousands of years back, there lived a great king and his name was Katvanga. He was well versed in all kinds of arts and was very good in handling deadly weapons during the battles. Due to that, once when there was a war between the demigods and the demons, the demigods approached Katvanga and asked for his help in order to defeat the demons.The king has accepted their wish, and was won in the battle.

Due to that, the demigods were very much pleased with him and asked him to get a boon from them. The great Maharaja didn’t ask anything big. But he checked for his life time, and he came to know from the demigods, that he would live only for a few hours.

On knowing that, he immediately went back to earth and sat in his palace, and start worshipping Lord Vishnu by uttering his mantra “OM NAMO NARAYANAYA NAMAHA”. As soon as he uttered the mantra, his life was ended, and he went to the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunta.

From this story, we can know, that we must utter god’s name repeatedly in our life. Since we don’t know the time of our death, we must keep chanting his names forever, in order to reach the abode of god after our death, and to stay there PERMANENTLY.

Let us worship the great king Katvanga and be blessed.

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