Karwa Chouth 2018 in UK, Europe, Africa

Karwa Chouth 2018 date in UK, Europe and all African countries is October 27. Moonrise Time for all major cities in UK (England & Scotland), other cities in Europe, and African countries is given here…

All the timings given here are as per the local time zones of the respective city or country..

UK – United Kingdom (England / Scotland / Wales)

London 6.49 pm

Birmingham 7.00 pm

Leeds 6.55 pm

Glasgow 6.35 pm

Sheffield 6.40 pm

Bradford 6.42 pm

Edinburgh 6.32 pm

Liverpool 6.45 pm

Manchester 6.42 pm

Bristol 6.55 pm

Cardiff 6.58 pm

Leicester 6.47 pm

Other Cities in Europe & Africa

Stockholm (Sweden) 6.10 pm

Berlin (Germany) 6.48 pm

Madrid (Spain) 8.30 pm

Rome (Italy) 7.32 pm

Paris (France) 8.01 pm

Warsaw (Poland) 6.50 pm

Vienna (Austria) 7.04 pm

Milan (Italy) 7.42 pm

Munich (Germany) 7.23 pm

Amsterdam (Netherlands) 7.26 pm

Frankfurt (Germany) 7.20 pm

Cape Town (South Africa) 10.00 pm

Lagos (Nigeria) 8.40 pm

Nairobi (Kenya) 8.32 pm

Durban (South Africa) 8.43 pm

Johannesburg (South Africa) 8.45 pm

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