Karumbayiram Vinayakar Temple, Kumbakonam

Karumbayiram Vinayakar Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Vinayaka, which is situated in Kumbakonam. This Vinayaka is worshipped as a powerful deity in the temple city of Kumbakonam. As per ancient practice, whoever proceed to travel to the Kumbakonam temples, must first visit the great Karumbayiram Vinayakar Temple, and then only they should start visiting other temples.

As per ancient legend, once a sugar cane vendor was passing nearby the present place of Karumbayiram Pillayar Temple with a load containing sugarcane sticks. At that time, a small boy with fat belly approached the trader, and asked him to give a small piece of sugarcane. The trader had refused to give the sugarcane piece, and he also lied by saying that the cart contains only grass loads. The divine boy, who was none other than our lovely Pillayar, had changed the sugarcane loads into grasses. After some time, when the sugarcane vendor checked for the sugarcane sticks, he was able to found only a heap of grasses! The vendor had realized his mistake, and he also got to know that the boy who has asked the sugarcane piece was the great god Pillayar. He immediately prayed to the Lord, and due to that, again his cart was filled up with full of sugarcane sticks. The sugarcane trader felt very happy, informed the wonderful incident to the nearby people, and with their help, he has constructed a nice temple for Lord Vinayaka, and named it as Sri Karumbayiram Pillayar Temple. Till his death, the sugarcane trader has gifted few sugarcane sticks to the temple regularly!

Devotees who visit this temple could find a good change in their lives, and their lives would turn sweet similar to the sweet present in the tasty sugarcane. Those who suffer from severe distress are advised to visit this nice Vinayaka Temple, since their bitter life would turn out into sweet! Recently I have also tried to visit this temple in the evening, but, since the temple doors were closed, I had prayed to Karumbayiram Pillayar by peeping on the closed doors of the temple.


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