Kartik Masam Puja – Each day a God is worshipped during Second half of Kartika Month

Kartik month, also known as kartika masam, is the most favorite month for Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Lord Kartik. Each day during karthik mahina, a God is worshipped. Starting from Lord Swaha Agni on the first day the kartik Puja ends on the 15th day of the second half or the 30th day with Sarva Pitru Puja on Kartik Amavasya. Here are full details about the Gods and the tithis to worship during the second half of Kartik month.

Kartik Month 2017 begins on October 6th and ends on November 4th as per North Indian Hindi calendars. In Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh calendars, Karthik month starts on October 20 and ends on November 18.

Kartik padyami or Pratipada – 16th day– Swaha Agni Deva, the Lord of fire

Kartik Vidiya or Dwitiya – 17th day – Ashwini Gods

Kartik Thadiya or Tritiya – 18th day – Goddess Gauri

Kartik Chavithi or Chaturthi – 19th day – Lord Vinayaka

Kartik Panchami – 20th day – Nagendra

Kartik Shashti – 21st day – Kumara Swamy

Kartik Saptami – 22nd day – Surya Bhagwan

Kartik Astami – 23rd day – Ashtamatrikas

Kartik Navami – 24th day – Goddess Durga

Kartik Dashami – 25th day – Ashta Dikpalaka

Kartik Ekadashi – 26th day – Lord Kuber

Kartik Dwadasi – 27th day – Lord Kartika Damodara

Kartik Trayodasi – 28th day – Lord Dharma

Kartik Chaturdasi – 29th day – Lord Shiva or Mrutyunjaya

Kartik Amavasya – 30th day – Sarva Pithry devatas or dead ancestors

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