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Karthigai Masam 2018 (Karthigai Month) in Tamil Nadu

Karthigai masam, Karthikai masam, is the eighth month as per Tamil Calendar. In 2018, Karthigai masam starts on November 17 and ends on December 15.

This month, Karthigai, got its name from the Tamil star ‘Krithiga. Karthikai masam is the favorite month for Lord Muruga, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu as per the Tamil beliefs.

Many major festivals are celebrated in the month of Karthika in Tamil Nadu. Karthikai Deepam and Maha Bharani are the important Karthikai festivals. Karthikai Deepam 2018 date is November 23. Karthikai Deepam falls on the Full Moon or Pournami in Karthikai month.

Karthigai Deepam is celebrated with lot of gusto in Thiruvannamali Arunachaleshwara Temple. Karthikai Somavara vratham, Shiva puja on auspicious Mondays during Kartik month, is one of the major vratha during Karthikai masam.

On the day when Tamil nakshatra or star ‘Bharani falls during Karthikai masam, that auspicious day is celebrated as Bharani Deepam or Mahabharani. On this day sacred bonfires known as ‘Sokkapaanai are performed in the temples. In Karthigai masam, Ayyappa devotees start their Ayyappa Deeksha or start pilgrimage to Shabarimala.

Karthigai Masam coincides with Kartik month in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, and Kannada calendars.

This month coincides with Vrischikam month in Malayalam calendar.

Important festivals and auspicious days in Karthigai Masam 2018 in Tamil calendar…..

17 November 2018 – Sabarimala Nada Thurappu, Mandala Kalam Begins

19 November 2018 – Prabodhini Ekadashi

20 November 2018 – Tulsi Kalyanam, Pradosham

22 November 2018 – Pournami Viratam

23 November 2018 – Karthikai Vratham, Pournami, Uma Maheshwara Vratam, Bharani Deepam, Karthigai Deepam

26 November 2018 – Sankatahara Chaturthi

3 December 2018 – Utpanna Ekadashi, Vaitarani Vrata

4 December 2018 – Pradosham

5 December 2018 – Masa Shivaratri

7 December 2018 – Amavasai

10 December 2018 – Sri Somavara Vratam

11 December 2018 – Chaturthi Vratham

12 December 2018 – Thiruvona Vratham

13 December 2018 – Shashti Vratham, Subrahmanya Sashti

Next month in Tamil calendar is – Margali Masam (Margazhi Month).

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