Nagari Kariya Manikya Swamy Temple Pavitrotsavams 2019

Pavitrotsavams at Sri Kariya Manikya Swamy Temple, Nagari, will be held on 11 November and 12 November in 2019.

Nagari Kariya Manikyaswamy Vari Pavitrotsavams 2019

11 November 2019, Monday – Pavitrotsavams Ankurarpana

12 November 2019, Tuesday – Pavitra Samarpana

Sri Kariya Manikyaswami Temple (also called Sri Perumala Swami temple) is located in Nagiri, 51 km from Tirupati in Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh.

It is believed that Lord Sri Maha Vishnu killed Makara (a crocodile) and saved Gajendra (an elephant) at this place. This episode is referred to as the Gajendramoksham in the Mahabhagavatam.

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