Kapilar | Famous Poet of Sangam Period

Kapilar was one of the famous poets during the Sangam period, which is considered to be more than 2000 years ago. He contributed more than 200 poems, and he is believed to have been lived during first century. He lived during the period of Karikala and King Pari. He closely moved with them, and took part in writing poems in their court. He was the author of Inna Narpathu, which is considered as a famous work in the Sangam literature.

Apart from singing divine songs, Kapilar has also sung in praise of King Selva Kadungo Valiathan, in his famous work Pathitrupathu. Due to his efficiency in penning wonderful poems, the king awarded more than one lakh gold coins and also made him as an emperor of a small region. Kapilar was also a close friend of Ma Avvaiyar, who is famous for writing beautiful poems on Lord Vinayaka.

Once when Cheras, Cholas and Pandiyas, had askedPari to pay taxes, he refused to pay it. Then Kapilar met the kings and explained about the greatness of Pari and also about his generosity, and avoided the war.But in course of time, Pari was cunningly killed by the enemy kings, and after his death, Kapilar accepted Pari’s daughters as his foster daughters and with the help of Ma Avvaiyar, he arranged marriage for his foster daughters with small rulers.

After finishing his duties, Kapilar observed fasting for a few days, and he gave up his life. Kabilar’s contributions are still remembered by the Tamil Likers and the Tamil researchers. In his Kurincippattu, he describes the significance of Kurinchi Mountain, and also about the details of various kinds of herbs located in the mountain. It is believed that Kabilar lived during the period of Thiruvalluvar, the author of Thirukural. Kapilar is also a close friend of Thiruvalluvar, and both of them used to discuss about spiritual matters under the holy trees.


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