Kandar Anubhuthi

Subramanya Swamy

Subramanya Swamy

Kandar Anubhuthi is the collection of wonderful songs sung by the great Tamil Saint Sri Arunagirinathar. These bhakti songs were sung during 15th century AD, and these songs were written in praise of Lord Muruga, and also in these songs, Arunagirinathar had requested Lord Muruga, to give enough strength to the people, in order to overcome from worldly illusions and from physical pleasures.

Kandar Anubhuthi is considered as a holy treasure by the then kings and by the Tamil scholars, and even now, it is popularly sung in the temples of Lord Muruga. Saint Arunagirinathar is considered as a good natured and a holy person.After Arunagirinathar got the blessings of Lord Muruga in Thiruvannamalai, he started singing Kandar Anubhuthi in praise of Lord Muruga, and in the Viralimalai temple, Lord Muruga taught various spiritual aspects to him.

Some of the verses from the Tamil Holy Text, Sri Kandar Anubhudi are as follows:-

I offer my humble salutations to the six faced god, Lord Arumugan, and I fall at his lotus feet, Lord Muruga is the brother of the first god and our beloved elephant headed god Vinayaka, who is the remover of obstacles and the giver of happiness to his devotees.

Lord Muruga’s face shines brightly like that of several millions of suns, and his eyes looks like that of the fresh rose flower petals, his eye brows appear like that of the rainbow, his face appears like that of the Holy Kalasa, the sacred pot, his lips are filled up with full of divine nectar, ears appears like that of the delicious slices of jack fruit, well-dressed hair looks like that of the holy water-falls, his neck appears like that of the plantain pith, contains very powerful shoulders, hands and legs looks like that of the divine scented sandal wood, and in his beautiful chest, we could see the images of his parent, Lord Shiva and Ma Shakti. In his feet, we can see the dwelling of the holy Rivers like Ma Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Kaveri, Godavari, Tapti and Tungabadra. Totally, he looks in the form of the wonderful infant Shiva.

Oh My Lord Muruga,you are the great warrior god, and hence you are also known as “SENAPATHI”, you used to wear diamond studded ornaments and silk garments, and we would be able to feel that the smell of the various divine fragrances comes from your body.

Oh Lord Muruga, I consider that my only job is to keep praising about you, sanctifying you by singing marvellous songs on you, and realising you from my soul. Similar to you, your divine vehicle peacock also looks very beautiful and it also keeps continuously chanting your divine Mantra, “OM MURUGA”.

Those who worship you sincerely, would get happiness, and all of their sorrows would be vanished within a second,Oh Lord Muruga, you are the god of all the 14 worlds, and you are only protecting the entire universe in the form of Lord Vishnu, creating it in the form of Lord Brahma, and destroying it in the form of Lord Shiva.

Oh Lord Shanmuga, those who consider you as the main god, would be able to control even the natural elements such as sky, water, earth, fire and wind. Those who keeps you on their soul, would be worshipped even by Lord Indra, those who recites your name, would live in the Indra Loka for thousand years, those who sing your songs, would become the Divine attendant of Lord Brahma, those who performs your puja regularly, would dwell in the Vaikunta for 10,000 years, and those who performs the holy milk bath to you, would permanently dwell in the sacred Mountain Kailash for ever, and they would be alive even during the time of deluge.

Oh Lord Muruga, you are the form of the four Vedas, you dwell in the Holy texts like Puranas and all other holy texts, you are the base for everything, and you act as the symbol of the Pranava Mantra, “OM”.

Oh My Lord, you have pierced the demon Surapadman into several parts through your Divine VEL instrument, and you made him to realise about your supreme powers, Oh Lord please remove the badness and the worldly illusions from our minds, and please make us to dwell permanently at your Holy feet.

Oh Lord those who loudly shouts by uttering your mantra, those who thinks only about you, those who keeps great faith and bhakti on you, would be considered as your true devotees.
Oh Kumara, the pious son of Ma Shakti Devi, Oh Lord, who destroyed the evil forces in the world,

Oh Lord,who gives a heavenly life in this earth, Oh Lord, whose presence would give a great divine pleasure, Oh Lord, whose divine beauty cannot be expressed in words, Oh Lord, whose significance cannot be expressed by anyone.

Oh Lord, after considering you as my beloved and my family deity, I would never worry about anything in my life, and I would never get death related fear. Oh Lord, you are the Lords of the Lords, King of the Kings, you are the sacred mountain Himalayas, you are the great Akash Raj, and you are the god of beauty. You have acted as a Guru even to your father Lord Shiva, and hence I consider you as the first and foremost Divine Guru.

Oh Lord,who lives in the holy Skanda Loka, who permits only his sincere devotees to dwell in his Loka, who is very merciful towards his devotees, who has granted salvation even to the demon Surapadman, who removes the anger, lust and greed from our mind, who acts like our guardian god, who is capable of destroying our sins and diseases, who is our beloved Lord Kumara Kadavul.

Oh my Dear Lord Muruga, after getting addicted with “MURUGA BHAKTI”, I am very much delightful. I praise, praise and keep praising you forever in my life and without doing that, I would consider that my life would go waste. Even if I have been granted the powers to rule the kingdom of heaven, I don’t want it, since I would always prefer to stay only at your holy feet.


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