Jupiter in 6th House, Brihaspati in Shatru Bhava

When Jupiter is in House No. 6, one will be a seeker of free things but very saintly in nature.

If enemy planets or not present in House No. 2, 5, 9, 11, 12 he will get free food but for prosperity he will have to work hard. Even though he will have enough of ancestral property it will not be his own.

Saturday decides whether Jupiter makes him a king or a beggar.

If the House No. 2, 5, 9, 12 are occupied by good planets, Jupiter will act like Moon and wealth will increase in the name of elders.

If Mercury and Ketu are benefic it will do good otherwise, misfortune falls and Ashes flow all around. Jupiter will be of doubtful condition.

Jupiter will give the result of Moon in House No. 2.

A poor Mercury will lead to bad days and a poor Ketu will bring poverty.

Sixth House in Horoscope

This house indicates the enemies, difficulties, debts, diseases and obstacles in the life of the native. The intestines, umbilical region, diseases of the eye and operations and accidents are indicated by this house. Read more about the Sixth House.

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