Jupiter in 2nd House (Brihaspati in Dhana Bhava)

What indicates the Jupiter in 2nd House, Brihaspati in Dhana Bhava?

Jupiter in House No. 2 will make your king and a learned man. Prosperity grows with philanthropy and hospitality. A poor Jupiter will bring slavery and subordination. Jupiter’s real position is in 2nd house when Moon gets exalted. Moon is friendly to Jupiter and this house enables Jupiter to give wealth, honour and prosperity.

What is the Second House all about…?

The second house in the horoscope denotes wealth. This house also indicates the family life of the native. Here, the information on what are the positive effects (effects if planets are benefic) and negative effects (effects if planets are malefic) is given.

When planets in this house are favourable to the native, he will attain lots of wealth and happiness. Read more about the detailed information on 2nd House (Dwitiya Bhava)..

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    as per astrology for jupiter which grains to feed horses