Jumadi | Mata Dhumavathi worshipped by Buta Kola cult in Tulunadu, Karnataka

Jumadi,is a form of Ma Dhumavathi, and she is worshipped by certain sects of people in the coastal districts of Karnataka.

Jumadi is an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi,and she made her abode in the Tulunadu region in order to bless the people belonging to that region.

Ancient kings were worshipped her with great bhakti, and they have also performed puja to her. Tulu folk songs would be sung during the time of festivals in order to please the holy mother Ma Jumadi. As per legend, once there lived a pious woman in a village in Karnataka. Daily she used visit the nearby garden, pluck flowers in order to adorn it to the Shivalingam at the nearby temple. One day, while she was visiting the garden, she heard a strange voice from the sky, and it had asked to worship her nearby the garden. The woman was very much happy, and she informed it to her villagers, and they have built a small temple for her, and began to worship her with great devotion.Soon the local king tried to construct a big temple for her. But Ma Jumadi had appeared in his dream, and asked him not to build a big temple for her, and instead of that, she has asked the king to look after his people properly, and to give a golden rule.As per another legend, once she saved a group of teenage girls from thieves, when they tried to molest them.

She also relieved the diseases of the people and gave good strength to them. She is worshipped even by some sects of tribal people in Karnataka. She appeared in the dreams of the devotees, and blessed them. She is also worshipped as Dhumavathi, Sitala Devi and Alakshmi. Some people scared to worship her, due to her appearance. But the holy mother goddess would never cause harm to them, but instead, she would shower her entire grace on them throughout their lives.


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