Janmashtami 2015 in Udupi Temple – September 5

Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2015 in Udupi Temple is on September 5. According to sources, Udupi Temple and Ashta Mutts will this year celebrate Krishna Janmashtami with the rest of India on September 5.

According to Udupi Panchanga, Janmashtami has to be celebrated only with the confluence of Simha Maasa, Krishna Paksha, Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtami Thithi as prescribed by the Souramana (Solar Almanac).

According to the almanac, Janmashtami will be complete only when the right combination of celestial signs coincide on one day.

In other places, from Guruvayoor in the south to Mathura in north, Janmashtami will be observed on the basis of ‘Chandramana Panchanga’ (Lunar Alamanac) where only the Ashtami Thithi will suffice. Hence, the festival will be observed on August 17 in these places. Vedic maths ‘Drigganitha’ calculates the cosmic events in a different dimension. Madhwacharya the 13th century Dwaitha philosopher and founder of the Udupi Ashta Mutts and the Krishna temple had calculated the exact time of birth of Lord Krishna using Drigganitha’s compass.

That was why the Udupi Ashta Mutts and the Krishna temple have their own almanac especially for festivals and events in and around Udupi. This was also the reason why the dates of Krishna Janmashtami differ from other places. Places beyond Udyavara, around 10 km from Udupi, follow a different calendar.

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