Janma Kundali in Kannada, Get your online Birth Chart & Astrology predictions in Kannada

How to get horoscope chart in Kannada? Where to get online astrology predictions in Kannada? Here is the solution for this. Now, you can get your complete horoscope details, astrology predictions or Janm kundli in Kannada by just paying nominal fee.

Hindupad introduces a new feature or service through which you can order your complete and full horoscope and get it online.

Janm kundali will be mailed to you after receiving the mentioned fee. There are many special services based on the requirement.

This service is also available in other South Indian languages … Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam; Hindi and English. For more details on Kannada Janm Kundali and complete astrology predictions in Kannada, please visit the Astrology page in Hindupad.

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  1. Umesha says:

    My date of birth is 1/11/1974 timing is no which work or business has shoot me iam no working

  2. 01-12-1992 says:

    sir nam name manjunath s antha. December 01 12 1992 Tuesday huttiddu.eduvaregu yell jathaka kelilla pls sir tell me sir


    Hi my name is harshavardhini my date of birth 01.02.1988 time 5.30 am nanna maduve yavaga aguthe tilisuthera

  4. Geetha says:

    My name is Geetha my child born in 16.10.2014 morning 11.23am please tell me his rashi kundali details and my family life my husband name is Nagaraj

  5. sumithra says:

    date of birth 12/04/2015
    time1:35pm madyana
    e date of birth bavishya heli

  6. veerprasad says:

    I am born 23 Dec 1984 12.10 am what is my nakshtra and rashi.

  7. manjula says:

    30.4.1985 11.50 pm

  8. HEMANTH KUMAR N says:

    Please tell me about for my career,financial, marriage and future details, DOB is 12-JAN-1990. Time 3:40pm
    Please reply me

  9. Manushree. U.K says:

    15 October 1990 , Monday morning 7 ge birth agirodu ,please future bhavishya heli

  10. vinod kumar says:

    my name is vinod kumar DOB14.08.1993 place karnataka staye raichur manvi tq kavital plz tell me about my love and my job and future

  11. shreedevi k r says:

    my name is shreedevi kr my DOB 20.8.1986 place karnataka state hiriyur tq please tel me when i got government job,iam a lab tecnition,and when my marriage

  12. Rakesh says:

    prediction for 2016,job

  13. vinayaka says:

    My name is vinayaka birth date is 25-08-1991 sunday at 4:30 tell me about my education,job,marriage,relationship,family life i am at masarkal tq:deodurga dist:raichur

  14. shruthi says:

    27 may 1995 saterday at 8.30 am in katapady. Udupi dist. And tq. Tell me about my future. Family life, when I get job etc.

  15. shruthi says:

    date of birth 14/02/1991
    time evening
    e date of birth bhavishya heli

  16. chaithra says:

    iam chaithra born in 1998-3-16.my rashi thula.nakshathra chithra.pls tell me my education,job,marriage, in kannada

  17. shilpa says:

    my name is shilpa my date of birth is may 7 1988 how is my life after marrage and about my

  18. venkappa says:

    my name is venkappa gouli dt of birth 13/07/1985 i want to know my bhavishya and marriage

  19. lakshmi.n says:

    how will be my future.
    date of birth: 19.4.1985

  20. PUSHPAVATI says:


  21. Mahabaleshwar Gouda says:

    My name is Mahabaleshwar gouda.Date of birt 1/11/1981 But it is not tru date birth.so pleas tel me my rashi.nakshatra.janmakundali.my job.marraige.life

  22. sayedpeer says:

    Aliya .r.makandar
    Ishka bhavesya aur
    Rashi .nakshatra bolo ji
    Sir .ane wale din kaise honge iski ladki kya aur education ke bare mai bhi. Mera email id.syeadpeer@gmail.com
    Please sir
    Iam really waiting u

  23. Aliya .r .makandar
    Ye meri. Apa ki daughter hai
    Ishki bhavishya and rashi nakshatra
    Ane wali kal ka kya hoga please help me. SirSirSir

  24. divya says:

    I am divya my date of birth is 9/12/87 wednesday night 11:30 pm my questions is how is my future I got job or not tell me

  25. mallikarjuna says:

    Sir.my name is mallikarjuna.birth 20/07/1984.morning 10.30 pls tell me my fuure

  26. Shilpa says:

    Namste Guruji..My name is shilpa. birth date 06/05/1989.night 9.10 pm.pls tell me my future and i got a govt job or not tell me

  27. ramanipushpa says:

    My name is ramanipushpa , my date of birth 12th November 1974, time 9.45 am, please tell me about my future

  28. Krupa says:

    Namasthe guruji, My name is Krupa , I have completed my studies in a wonderful way . I need to know my future career and my married life. I was born on 23.2.1991 at 9.10 am in Madikeri kodagu district of karnataka. still I dint get job please tel about it and how will be my future husband?

  29. vijaykumar says:

    My name is vijaykumar holagi date of birth 1 June 1988 evening 5:25 plz tell me about my puture

  30. Harish R.k says:

    Namasathe Guruji,,
    Naanu Harish.r.k antha.. huttida dinake 10.04.1992
    samaya: 3:45 pm

    nana mundina bhavisya hengirate antha tiliskodivira.. please nimma salahe beku nange

  31. Shailendra am says:

    My name is shailendra born on 19/05/1992 at 19.27hrs in chithradurga . please tell us my education and feature.

  32. Ramesh B Teli says:

    plz tell me my Rari,nakshaatra

  33. susheelkumar joma kadolakar says:

    namaste guruji nanu susheelkumar j kadolakar nanu gvt job tray madta ideni aadre job shigta illa yen madbeku salhe kode p/z

  34. Geethanjali says:

    My name is Geethanjali, Date of birth 21st November 1993, timings 6.55am. Please tell be about my future.

  35. nagaraju says:

    My name is Nagaraju S G , my date of birth is 20/08/1989 at 7:30 am , please tell me my job and future

  36. shivanna says:

    My name is Shivanna s k , my birth place is huliyurdurga and my dob 20:06:1984 please tell me my job, future and my marriage

  37. preeti says:

    Dob17 march 9.10pm 2015 iwant the name for my baby boy tell me the first letter we can start from

  38. Shailendra am says:

    Education and feature

  39. rajesh.c says:

    Hello my name Rajesh
    Date of birth 08/09/1986
    Tel me about my future and job ,marriage

  40. Naveen Gowda C says:

    Namaskara my name is naveen Gowda C, birth date 14th February 1993, time 10.20pm, place :hassan, karnataka, please tell me about my future life and about marriage

  41. prashanti says:

    My name is Prashanti. My birth place is Sirsi. And my date of birth is 14/4/1985 at 12.25 pm. Please tell me about my future, family, money problems, about my marriage problems please tell me reasons..send me my janma kundali in Kannada.

  42. Nit says:


    Kindly give me remdy for Guru mahadasha with rahu anterdasha, Iam having health issues one after another . Pls give strong remedies that can work in adverse time like this for health .

    details – Male – 7/feb/1978
    new delhi

  43. Bipan Chander fotedr says:


  44. Savita kurani says:

    Savita Kurani. Dob: 9th January 1997 at 10am. Day; Thursday.. I’m studying elecrical engineering 1st year. Please tell me about my future, job,about me, wat i hv to do next, what about my life….

  45. harshita says:

    i need my rashi and nakshata i was born in june 05th 1996 mrg 5am

  46. sudhakar km says:

    I am sudhakar km my date of birth 19.04.1989 Time 7.15 pm plz tell me i want know about my carrier and business in feature

  47. hema HS says:

    Namasathe Guruji.,
    my name is Hame HS, my place is tiptur
    please tell me about for my career, marriage and future details, DOB 27/01/1994,Time 12:10PM

  48. jagadish says:

    please tell about my future .now I am planning to study it will be possible

  49. xxx says:

    DOB 13/03/1988 05:05 am tell me job and future

  50. Pavithra Achari says:

    My Name is Pavithra N ,My Place Daparthi in chikkabalapur (dit), Karanataka . and My Dob : 02.08.1993 .Time : 4.30 PM , Day : Monday Please Tell me Future .