How to observe Krishna Puja on Janmashtami, Krishnashtami Puja Procedure

sri krishna puja

sri krishna puja

How to do Krishna Puja on Janmashtami? Krishna puja on Krishnashtami (Gokulashtami) day is observed with utmost devotion in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Devotees perform ritual bath during the festival and sanctify the pooja room. Before the puja started, devotees draw footprints of Lord Krishna. They believe that Krishna arrives to their homes on Janmashtami.

The drawings of footsteps of Krishna are done with rice flour and colourful paints. Women and men observe fast on Janmashtami and fast is broken in the evening after performing puja.

It is to note that Janmashtami 2019 date – August 23|August 24.

Puja is started with the making of Krishna’s idol with clay. Sri Krishna idol and a cradle are made up of clay. Then the idol is placed in pooja room and offered puja. Abhishekam (sacred bath) is offered to Lord Krishna. After reciting and chanting mantras or stotras of Krishna, naivedyam is offered to the Lord. The clay cradle is swung for few times and concludes the puja.

Some special recipes are made on Krishnashtami. Goodalu (a recipe prepared with black chana), Curd recipes and milk recipes are prepared on Janamshtami. After the naivedyam is offered to the diety, Prasad is distributed among devotees.

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