How to make Clay Ganesha Idol, Clay Ganesh idol Preparation Method

How to make clay Ganesha idol? You can get a good idea after reading this post and you can do it at your home too. If you want to prepare a eco-friendly, you should use natural material like clay, natural colours, paper, etc,. Though, the colourful Ganesh idols made of harmful chemicals attract eyes easily, makes our future endangered.

Items required: clay or Shadu (mud), natural paints or water colours, vessels, natural colours, Fevicol or glue, empty cardboard box for base, news papers & paint brushes.

Preparation Method: How to make Clay Ganesha idol —

  1. Before starting the actual preparation process, make the clay or mud as smooth dough. Mix mud powder with sufficient amount of water to make it dough.
  2. Now fill the cardboard box with mud without leaving any empty spaces. Choose a firm box for stronger base. Leave the box to dry and continue with making the idol.
  3. With the image or the type of Ganesh idol you have mind, make three big pieces of clay. And shape them as back and legs. You can choose how the legs would be — folded, curved, or straight.
  4. Now make a large “T” like structure to shape it into belly, chest & shoulders.
  5. Make a head with a trunk and attach it to the “T”. Using smaller pieces of clay, add hands to it.
  6. Now, make the idol set on the cardboard box which we prepared earlier. The Ganesha idol sticks on to the base as it dries naturally. Let the idol dry naturally for few hours.
  7. It’s time to give finishing structures to the idol. Weapons in hands, the mouse, modak, etc. are prepared using smaller pieces of clay. Don’t over fine-tune the structure of delicate pieces as there is a chance of mis-fire.
  8. As you finish with the finishing structures, keep the idol to dry naturally for several days.
  9. As the idol completely dry, try to start colouring the idol with natural colours like turmeric, multani mitti & water colours. Use yellow, pink, red, green colours only as they attract eyes and makes the idol so bright too. Use different colors to body and dhoti or other clothes. Now leave the idol to dry naturally.

After worshipping the idol during Ganesh Chaturthi Navratri festival, it will be very good if you immerse it in nearest well or keep it at your garden or at plants. The clay Ganesh idol will be rest peacefully in the earth from where he has come.

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