How to celebrate Yellu Amavasya

One of the major festivals of Karnataka is Yellu Amavasya or Ellu Amavasya. It is the main festival of the farming community of the region of northern Karnataka.

This grand festival is strongly believed to be the biggest occasion according to Hindu religion. The festival is celebrated to marks the end of the Kharif season and observed in the month of December-January, amavasya or new moon day.

  • A day prior, the house is cleaned and well decorated.
  •  In the early morning, the members of the household have bath and wear new dresses.
  • They perform in their homes Amavasya’ pooja in order to thank mother Earth
  • They perform special ritual for good harvest in the current year and for the coming year.
  • They visit Maruto temple with family members, relatives and friends.
  • They also on this day worship cattle at their homes.
  • The female members of the household prepare special dishes for the day such as sajje kadabu, ‘shenga hindi’, ‘jolada kadabu’, ‘pundi pallya’, ‘hindi pallya’, bajje, pundi, ‘sajji rotti’,  chikki, palak, menthe, rajgiri, bartha, jowar kadabu, ‘muddhy pallya’ and ‘kucchhe kara’.  It is to be noted that ‘Yellu Holige’ is a kind of sweet pancake. Most of the dishes are made with pulses and its flour and green leaves.
  • They visit their field along with family members, relatives and friends.
  • In the fields, special prayer and rituals are conducted by picking five smooth stone.
  • The smooth stones are regarded as mother earth and thank giving prayer and rituals are conducted.
  • The dishes are offered to the field by throwing it in four directions.
  • While throwing people shout ‘Hovilgol, Surambagigol’ and the doing this act is locally known as ‘Charga Chellodu’.

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