Why do Hindus worship Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva is one among the gods of the Trinity. He is also known as the god of destruction. But one should know that creation and destruction go hand in hand. As day and night coexists. Both night and day will be there on the earth. But we cannot perceive them simultaneously. Lord Shiva is said to destroy all the sanchita Karmas (acquired good or bad deeds of past birth) very easily.

It is known and believed from long time that to get relieved from all the dangers or dangers from the near future, one has to worship Lord Shiva. Sometimes these troubles may be coming in future or it is already there and one might be experiencing it in their life, whatever may be the case they had to worship Lord Shiva to get relieved.

There are particular methods of rules and regulation in offering their prayers to Lord Shiva and Monday is considered as his day and Month of Karthika is considered as his month in the year. A popular form of worship is being the Abhisheka.Lord Shiva is worshipped especially in case if anybody is ill or in their death bed or if anybody is victim of some accidents, they have to worship Lord Shiva.

Mruttunjaya Homa and Japa are popular forms in worshipping Lord Shiva. Particular forms of worship are chanting the names of Lord Shiva (like 108 names and 1008 names of Lord Shiva), and Japa (repetition of single name or mantra) of Lord Shiva’s chosen names. Pouring of water, sanctified water on Shiva linga by chanting of Vedic Hymns will bestow all desired fruits to oneself. Lord Shiva is symbolically represented in the form of Linga.

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