Hindu Baby Boy Names for Bharani Nakshatra

Baby Boy Names for Bharani Nakshatram are given here. Bharani Nakshatra is the second among 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Vedic Astrology.

The letters suggested for Bharani Nakshatra babies are – Lee, Lu, Le, Lo, Li. To know more about the Bharani Nakshatra native’s characteristics, you can read the earlier post on Bharani Nakshatra native’s physical features, health, finance aspects, and career, etc…

Stotram to chant for Bharani Nakshatram natives.

Here is the list of Baby Boy names by Bharani Nakshatram

Leela (5, Girl): Meaning of Leela is Divine drama
Leelamayee (10, Girl): Meaning of Leelamayee is Playful Leelavati /
Leena (5, Girl): Meaning of Leena is A devoted one / Tender
Lekha (5, Girl): Meaning of Lekha is Writing
Lekisha (7, Girl): Meaning of Lekisha is Life
Leora (5, Girl): Meaning of Leora is Light
Libni (5, Girl): Meaning of Libni is Manuscripts Of God
Lila (4, Girl): Meaning of Lila is Divine drama

Lilavati (8, Girl): Meaning of Lilavati is Goddess Durga / God’s Will
Lillian (7, Girl): Meaning of Lillian is Lily
Lilly (5, Girl): Meaning of Lilly is A Flower
Lipi (4, Girl): Meaning of Lipi is Manuscripts Of God
Lipika (6, Girl): Meaning of Lipika is Litters / Alphabets
Lochan (6, Unisex): Meaning of Lochan is Bright eyes
Lochana (7, Girl): Meaning of Lochana is Eye
Lohini (6, Girl): Meaning of Lohini is Red Skinned
Lokajanani (10, Girl): Meaning of Lokajanani is Mother Of The World
Lokamatri (9, Girl): Meaning of Lokamatri is Lakshmi / Mother Of The World
Lola (4, Girl): Meaning of Lola is Goddess Laxmi
Lolaksi (7, Girl): Meaning of Lolaksi is A Sakti Of Ganesha
Lolita (6, Girl): Meaning of Lolita is Ruby
Lona (4, Girl): Meaning of Lona is Beauty / Pretty
Lopa (4, Girl): Meaning of Lopa is Learned

Lopamudra (9, Girl): Meaning of Lopamudra is Wife Of Saint Agastya
Loukya (6, Girl): Meaning of Loukya is Worldly Wise / Goddess Lakshmi
Lucia (5, Girl): Meaning of Lucia is The Light Of India
Lumbika (7, Girl): Meaning of Lumbika is A Musical Instrument
Lunasha (7, Girl): Meaning of Lunasha is Beauty And Brightness Of Flowers
Lekh (4, Boy): Meaning of Lekh is Document / Document Likhit
Liladhar (8, Boy): Meaning of Liladhar is Lord Vishnu
Lochan (6, Unisex): Meaning of Lochan is Bright eyes
Lohendra (8, Boy): Meaning of Lohendra is Lord Of Three Worlds
Lohit (5, Boy): Meaning of Lohit is Red / Made Of Copper / Mars
Lohitaksha (10, Boy): Meaning of Lohitaksha is Lord Vishnu
Lohitashwa (10, Boy): Meaning of Lohitashwa is One With Red Horse / Fire
Lokakriti (9, Boy): Meaning of Lokakriti is Creator Of The World /
Lokanetra (9, Boy): Meaning of Lokanetra is Eye Of The World
Lokapujya (9, Boy): Meaning of Lokapujya is Worshipped By The Universe / A Name For Lord Hanuman

Lokbhushan (10, Boy): Meaning of Lokbhushan is Ornament Of The World
Lokesh (6, Boy): Meaning of Lokesh is Lord Brahma
Loknaath (8, Boy): Meaning of Loknaath is Lord Of The World
Loknath (7, Boy): Meaning of Loknath is Lord Vishnu
Lokpradeep (10, Boy): Meaning of Lokpradeep is Gautam Budha
Lokprakash (10, Boy): Meaning of Lokprakash is Light Of The World
Lokranjan (9, Boy): Meaning of Lokranjan is Lord Vishnu
Lomash (6, Boy): Meaning of Lomash is A Sage
Lukesh (6, Boy): Meaning of Lukesh is King Of The Empire
Luv (3, Boy): Meaning of Luv is Rama’s Twin Son

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