Hathiram Bhavaji (Hathiram Baba)

hathiram babaji

hathiram babaji

Hathiram Bhavaji (15th century) was a saint of North India, and also an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Venkateshwara, also called as Lord Balaji.


Hathiram was born in Himachal Pradesh, North India. At his younger age, his family shifted to a village at Punjab.And after some time, he visited Tirumala, and after getting attracted by the beauty of Lord Venkateshwara, he constructed an ashram nearby the temple, and stayed there permanently.


It is believed that he had got the opportunity to play dice game with Lord Balaji. One day, after playing the dice game with him, Lord Balaji left one of his ornaments in Bhavaji’s ashram.

Since one of the ornaments of the deity of Lord Venkateswara was missing, he was caught and house arrested by the temple guards presuming him to be the thief.

The king had ordered bavaji to eat a bunch of sugarcane within a day in order to test him, and also ordered his guards to watch him properly. At that night,when everybody was sleeping, an elephant appeared in Bhavaji’s ashram, and ate the bunch of sugarcane completely and disappeared.

After knowing about that incident, the king was astonished and realized the true bhakti of Bhavaji on Lord, since the Lord Himself had appeared as an elephant to safe guardhis devotee. And then the king asked bhavaji to forgive him.

There is a mutt in dedication of Sri Hathiramji, which is known as Hathiramji Mutt at Tirumala.
He was a great saint, who was a sincere devotee of Venkateshwara, and worshipped him by keeping him in his heart.

Due to his great bhakti, Lord Balaji himself appeared and spent his time with him. He was a pious saint, who lived with the pure thoughts on Lord Balaji, and lived peacefully. Though he was a poor man, the god accepts his bhakti and willfully appeared before him. From this incident, we can know that the Lord is not seeing our wealth position and blessing us, he considers only our pure bhakti, and nothing more else.

Even if we offer some flowers or basil leaves (Tulsi), he will readily accepts it and offer his blessings on us. But we should sincerely have faith with him and put our burdens on his shoulders, and worships him properly. Rest of the things will be taken care of by him.

Let us worship the great saint Bhavaji and be blessed.

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