Hanuman Jayanti: 25 April 2013 (Hanumath Vijayotsavam) – Today

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman

Today, 25 April 2013 is Hanuman Jayanti (Hanumath Vijayotsavam). In Maharashtra, some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka celebrate Chaitra Purnima as Hanuman Jayanti. But in some places it is celebrated as Hanumath Vijayotsavam.

Hanuman Puja, Hanuman Homam, Havanam, Hanuman Sindhura Puja, etc are the famous rituals observed on Hanuman Jayanti festival.

Hanuman Shobha Yatra (Veera Hanuman Vijaya Yatra) is another popular procession is taken out on Hanuman Jayanti in many places such as Hyderabad, Nagpur, Nizamabad, Pune, Mumbai, Solapur, etc.

This year, Lunar eclipse is also taking place on Chaitra Purnima.

Hanuman Jayanti Pujan Vidhi – Pooja procedure of Hanumath Jayanti parva

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman

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  1. Uma Chauhan says:

    I would like to print the mantra and use it in my diwalay (puja shrine). But it’s now allowing me do that – are you able to upload it as an attachment, in word or even as a pdf. I need it immediately before I close my prayers due to the eclipse. I should finish puja by 1 pm. Let me have it quickly. Thanks

  2. Atma says:

    todays hanuman procession in hyderabad 25 april 2013

  3. Sukrant says:

    baby boy hindu names born on 25 april 2013

  4. Sureshwari says:

    theme of the boy which is born on hanuman jayanti

  5. Abhaya says:

    hindu astrology of baby born on 25th april 2013