Guhananda Swamigal

Sri Guhananda Swamigal (20th century AD) was born in a village in Tamil Nadu. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga, and as per the advice of his Guru Vallimalai Sri Sachidananda Swamigal, he began to regularly sing songs on Thirupugazh, which was written by the great Saint Sri Arunagiri Nathar. He maintained good relationship with the then pontiff of Sringeri and with Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchipuram Mutt.

He used to wear simple clothes like cotton dhoti and used to put a dhoti on the upper side of his body. He received many awards due to his mastery in penning wonderful poems on Lord Shiva and Muruga. He travelled throughout Tamil Nadu, and visited lot of temples.

His birth name was Adiseshaiyer. He has explained his relationship with Sri Vallimalai Swamigal in the form of an article. Both of them were met during the year 1927 at Anaiyampatti, and thereafter they met several times in Sri Pasupadeeswarar Temple at Karur.Swami appears similar to ancient Shaivite saint, and a divine smile would always be present with him. He also spent most of his time in visiting Shiva temples, and sung excellent songs on him. Due to his Shiva Bhakti, people began to gather in front of him, and many of them were become his sincere disciples.

Some of his wonderful teachings are as follows:-

1. Engage yourself with full of Shiva Bhakti.

2. Control your mind.

3. Consider that all of the creations in the earth contain the features of Lord Shiva, and hence show your kindness on all the living beings in the earth.

4. Provide food to the hungry people, animals, Birds and even to the small insects like ant.

5. Don’t blame on the god for your own personal problems in your life.

6. Everything which exist in the world is perishable, hence do lot of charity works, in order to gain good karmic deeds.

7. Always keep chanting the “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” mantra, in order to wash out your sins.

8. Regularly visit temples, and concentrate your attention on Lord Shiva, and never lose your faith on him.

9. Always apply the sacred ash and wear the holy Rudraksha on your neck, since these holy things are considered as most favourite for Lord Shiva.


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