Guga Navami, Guga Naumi Celebrations

Guga Navami or Guga Naumi is celebrated on Navami in the Bhadon or Bhaadra or Bhadrapada month. Guga Naumi 2017 date is August 16.

Guga Navami is the festival celebrated on the day after Krishna Janmashtami. Guga Navami is dedicated to the Serpent God, Guga. Guga Naumi is celebrated in Punjab, Haryana and some more regions of North India. Guga Navami puja is performed by married women for the health and wellness of children. Childless women perform the Vrat to get children.

The temples or the shrines of Guga are called ‘Mari. Guga was a Rajput King. His mother was the devotee of Sant Gorakhnath. After several years of severe Tapas (penance) Guga was born to her. Guga was the great King and was having super natural powers to save snake bitten people.

Guga Navmi or Guga Naumi fairs or Melas are held in Haryana and Punjab. In Hamirpur, a huge fair is celebrated on the day of Guga Navami. Similar festivals, Naga Panchami, Garuda Panchami, Mauna Panchamiand Manasa Devi Ashtnag Puja are celebrated all over India.

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  1. Jagati says:

    a pregnent lady can do guga navmi pooja in hindu dharam